Home Improvement

1. I started Cantonese class. Unbelievably, the class costs $0! It's both difficult and very intuitive to formally learn something you've spoken with varying degrees of proficiency since beginning to talk. Eventually I want to learn Mandarin as well--but first, this.

2. I am also coding. HTML, CSS, maybe more later. Starting from the beginning to fill in any gaps in my current understanding before moving beyond. I am adding 15 minutes of coding to my morning routine.

3.  I made a mistake this week. It cost me 2 cups of chicken, a beautiful stock, and some pasta, carrots, and kale. I think it was the rosemary that imparted a mild yet persistent bitterness to an otherwise perfectly silty stock and a simple soup. I tried to save the ingredients by straining and then rinsing them, but they had absorbed too much stock. I hate wasting food.

4. Missing mountains and the ocean. Planned my trip home in December. Trying to get us to the mountains again this year to ski across frozen lake and stew in hot spring.

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  1. Love this little list. I'm thinking of taking Mandarin too!